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No News Today! Mom and Cancer

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Just kidding.

Oh better put the green bar now:

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So, everybody, as you know, this site was made to try to help raise money for Mom’s fight with cancer. I’ll try to get an updated pic of Mom soon 🙂 I was unable to visit her today.

Today she had a lumectomy, thankfully I don’t think she needs anymore surgery. I still have to meet up with her.

She isn’t out of the woods yet. She is out of work for a while, and she has Chemo and Radiation to go through.

Today has been very tense so I was unable to post or construct an update.

I just wanted to update everyone. Love you all. Hope you are able to help out! If you do like the site, please share the stories and let people know what’s going on! Also, buying something from our stores or links directly helps us, so don’t forget to make your purchases through us if you are planning on making a purchase!

I know there are a lot of “scammers” out there, well, if you don’t want to believe me you can still support the site because you like it. That’s the whole point of me trying to make something that everybody enjoys. Buying something from the store, or from Amazon through our links means you have something you would normally buy, while it also directly helps both of us. Having said that, this is a reality for us, and every day it’s scary on whether or not we can pay the bills. Still, the surgery was a big thing, and she came out of it with flying colors, and that is one less worry on our minds 🙂

ANYWAY – I hope you guys are enjoying the site, and pardon the lack of a real update today.

Take care!

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