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Dan Slott’s Hero Squad Funnies

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OK, so, this may be ridiculous in fact, I know it is ridiculous, but that is why I love it.

Here are some of his awesome tweets. I am embedding his first tweet, in addition to a screen shot of it. I asked him permission to share them. He said Go Ahead 😀 If he asks me to remove them I will remove.

And here are his funnies

Hulk: Hulk have joke! KNOCK! KNOCK!

Wolverine: Who’s There?

Hulk: HULK!

Wolverine: Hulk who?

Hulk: Hulk have joke. Why chicken cross road?

Iron Man: I dunno, Hulk. Why?

Iron Man: Is it hard finding planets for Galactus to devour?

Silver Surfer: Nah. Not since he started his “Sea World Diet.”

Iron Man: “Sea World Diet?”

Silver Surfer: Yeah, when he sees a world, he eats it.

Iron Man: D’oh!

I just loved these.

Now, obviously I don’t own the rights to any Marvel characters, I just had to ask Dan if I could share what he posted, and he said go ahead, so special thanks to @DanSlott for sharing these, and allowing me to reshare on my “news” site 🙂 I appreciate it. Obviously I will remove these if there is a request and I need to take them down no questions or complaints (although I may be sad). I sure hope there isn’t, because I just think they are awesome!

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