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Daily World Weekly
Journalism at it's finest!

According to the Quantum Multi-verse theory: Daily World Weekly is 100% true and not at all satire, providing you live in an alternate dimension where everything written here is completely true. Unfortunately, you likely don’t, which means everything (or nearly everything) you read is entirely satire.

“But, what IS satirical!?”

Anything in yellow, or with yellow bars, will be considered satirical (for this dimension).

yellow banner

Anything in green, or with green bars, will be considered a serious post (for this dimension).

blank green banner

For the most part, things will be kept as amusing or enjoyable as possible. What I won’t make fun of are:

  1. Our Sponsors, Partners, Advertisers, Merchandise, etc…
  2. Our World Community (artists, authors, creators and facilitators)
  3. Reviews (movies, t.v., games, etc…)

Now, we may have some mock ads, or mock partners – like “DRACULA SUGGESTS YOU DONATE BLOOD TODAY!” or “THE LOCH NESS MONSTER HAS PURCHASED 90% OF OUR STOCK!” — those statements will be clearly branded yellow, and will NOT appear in the areas we set aside for legitimate partnership, advertising or community information.

Pretty much everything else is going to be satire, unless it’s a very important issue.

I also want to make absolutely clear about something: I will ask non-politicians and major public figures for permission first, and if they don’t like the article I will take it down. Comedy is hit and miss, and I try to make sure the lampoon is enjoyable to all. Very rarely will I ask a non major figure for permission first. Example: Trump – I will never ask. A comic writer, or an actor who speaks with people online, I will. Many actors simply won’t speak to people online, as a result those guys are too big to ask. Politicians never get the privilege to ask me to take down an article, simply because: “Freedom of the Press” 😉

But if you feel I have made a bad joke, or a poor satire, you are welcome to ask me to take it down, I’ll likely take it down. I will never mock someone for asking me to take it down. This is a risk free request, and I’ve had to ask people to take things down about me, so I understand the feelings involved. I won’t attack you, and I will try to put a stop to anyone who does.

That’s it for now, folks! I hope you enjoy!

Without Wax,

Kevin Conner

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