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Image taken from the Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/item/2007681329/

Hi, Everyone!

That’s what I’ve decided to name all of you, Everyone.

This site is run on less than a shoestring budget, at least right now. I have no means to pay anyone, let alone myself.

As a result, I can only offer images which have no copyright attached (such as those from Wikipedia and the Library of Congress).

If you wish to contribute something, this is the deal:

  1. You keep your own copyright if you want. If you want to give us the copyright, that’s awesome, too!
  2. You have to agree to license DWW use of your contribution until perpetuity, knowing full well DWW monetizes the sites on which your contribution appears. Perpetuity means forever, so make certain you’re good with contributing and engaging with this site.
  3. You have to specify the license: Is DWW allowed to put the image on merchandise? Or is it for the website only?
  4. If you allow DWW to place your contribution on merchandise, make certain DWW has your contact information, because DWW will split those profits with you 50/50. In fact, if you GIVE us the copyright, we’ll still split the merchandise profits with you 50/50! — Keep in mind, this is profits from merchandise, not ad revenue.
  5. DWW will only merchandise certain things, like if you draw a picture of a brand new monster who becomes a sensation, DWW is going to put that monster on cups!
  6. If you are licensing your rights to use, and then transfer your copyright to someone else, make absolutely certain they know that your license with DWW must remain intact.
  7. If you are licensing your rights to use, you acknowledge:
    1. That we may reserve the right to produce derivative works – in certain circumstances.
    2. If your contribution is an article, the derivative work may be one or more followup articles.
    3. If your contribution is a piece of art, the derivative work may be another “artists’ interpretation”.
    4. If your contribution is an excerpt of your own work in a spotlight piece, we won’t sell it, nor will we produce derivatives, nor will we commission or allow anyone else to produce derivatives.
  8. If you want to monetize your contribution on your own, and you are in good standing with DWW, HEY! Go ahead! Just make sure you mention that it’s featured on the DAILY WORLD WEEKLY! Yes, you are allowed to use the DWW logo! All you need to do is ask, and yes you do keep 100% of profit for your own sales!
    1. If you aren’t in good standing with us, don’t worry, we removed your contribution, don’t mention us at all, and you can do whatever you want with your stuff. I get more into that with #15 below. It takes a lot to get on DWW’s bad side.
  9. We will always put your contact information, and feature your presence, on DWW if we use anything of yours, so make sure you’ve got your bio, and head shot, and whatever you want us to use, ready and prepped! In fact, if you notice, that little “THE LIMELIGHT!” category is specifically for stories, artwork, and showings for anyone who wishes to contribute in some way.
  10. What #9 boils down to is this: Is your contribution to the DWW a type of mascot or series of stories that facilitate the “news” based story telling of the world? Or is it a spotlight feature of your general awesomeness? If it’s the former, and you want to contribute to the DWW “world truth” then be aware the concept of DWW is bringing multiple people together through a creative “keep the story going”/”pass the story along” type of atmosphere. If it’s the latter, well, that’s your show, not ours, so we’re not going to step on your progress. We’re here to help you with a stepping stone 🙂
  11. “All of that sounds awesome, but what about me? I’m no artist or author. Can I contribute something other than artwork and stories?” HELL YEAHZ! That Facilitators section is a specific section for sponsors and small businesses that are open to help the little guys! You’ll notice that Techwarrior is our first affiliated/partner/sponsor, for a real good reason!
  12. “I am an artist or author, what do you need? What can or should I contribute?” Honestly, anything. But, keep this in mind, we can’t pay for original anything. So if you have something laying around somewhere that you haven’t used, or if you have a popular piece you want to see featured, let us know! In fact, if you are a painter who loves to paint, or an artist who has tons of sketches you want to sell, then this is a great opportunity for you to advertise to sell your piece! For those who are authors, be aware, publishers may consider this “a published platform”, and will refuse to print your work, so think about your options before you contribute.
  13. It basically will work like this:
    1. You contribute your piece, DWW puts your contact information by it!
    2. if you are selling the original work, DWW will directly link to it!
    3. If you are an author and want us to produce an excerpt of your book or story, then DWW will link to your sales site where you can sell it to those who enjoy reading the excerpt!
  14. DWW and THE LIMELIGHT! is open to everyone and anyone— providing there isn’t some really serious form of hate speech going on. Keep in mind, we do live in a country which openly allows free speech, and those free speech laws are the foundation which allows DWW to exist. People also do have their own opinions of things. So know these points:
    1. DWW does not represent the opinions of its contributors. Their opinions are their own.
    2. We will only remove people if their hate speech or other forms of speech is against the law, or incredibly incendiary:
      1. Preaching KKK Ideologies (such as “Kill all Blacks, Italians and Jews”) will get a person excised from this site, as that is hate speech.
      2. Promoting the 2 State Solution will not, as that is a hotly contested political stance about continuing the future of two entities – not hate speech against a country.
      3. Organized and Targeted harassment of individuals, especially this site or its contributors, is not acceptable, either! Informing DWW of problem contributors is one thing, drumming up a mob force is another (and in many areas is against the law). Keep in mind, there’s a difference between being involved in an argument, active perpetual criticism and harassment (albeit some people really push it to the edge on those definitions).
    3. DWW will not remove people who have said something incredibly stupid or horrific, then apologized. People have to be allowed to correct themselves without fear of permanent banishment to the Netherrealm.
    4. Saying something that is just kinda trashy isn’t enough. Neither is saying something which causes a massive amount of debate.
    5. The point is: DWW, along with the majority of humanity, fully understands that everyone has a disagreeable opinion, therefore, action will only be taken in the most serious of circumstances. People will be people, and humanity isn’t perfect.
  15. “Oh and btw, you made a typo in your trademark, ‘it’s’ should be ‘its’.” — You don’t say…… 😉 In all seriousness, typo correction is welcomed, but don’t be upset if certain typos are not corrected. That ‘it’s’ is there on purpose. Editing errors are gonna happen on this site. Just roll with it 🙂
  16. I have now begun using images from pages which have copyright free drawings, attributions are as follows:
    • Luci’s image is from here https://pixabay.com/illustrations/retro-man-vintage-line-drawing-1310353/ and titled Original Retro Man Image by ArtsyBee on Pixabay

That’s the jist of things! If you have any other questions, or want specifics, or want a contract, just fill out the form! You should get a response pretty quickly. In fact, you likely have to contact DWW through the form in order to contribute. If you want specific information on copyrights for anything on this webpage, contact DWW through the form as well. Keep in mind DWW openly uses public images from the Library of Congress and Wikipedia, in addition to our own. The background for instance, comes from the Library of Congress.

Daily World Weekly is a Trademark and Copyright 2019 of Ninja Nezumi Productions, L.L.C., as is all original work not otherwise specified as belonging to anyone else. Trademarks of businesses presented are owned by their respective entities. Unless otherwise specified, reproduction of our copyrighted material in full is prohibited by US and International Copyright Law. Contact for more information! And yes, DWW does know about the blogspot/tumblr sites – they are our mirror sites!