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#SaveTheTick because Neil Likes It

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Seriously, save the Tick.

Amazon Prime announced that The Tick is cancelled… C’MON! Ok, admittedly viewer numbers were a bit down, that’s because they missed their premiere date TWICE for the second season. Maybe they didn’t miss it? Maybe people just mis-reported Fall 2018 and First Quarter 2019…. for some reason though, more than a few fans didn’t know the 2nd season was out yet.

When we found out we started watching.

Unfortunately, Amazon made a relatively quick decision to cancel the series.

If you like this comedy site I’m trying to keep up (hope you guys do, despite my infrequent posts due to work and helping Mom), then you should watch The Tick, and you should sign the petition to #SaveTheTick and you should SHARE the Petition to #SaveTheTick and you should do it, not because Neil Himself says he loves the tick, but because it’s a damn good show!

Here’s the petition:



  1. Don’t Harass People. Ask, don’t harass. That means do NOT publicly attack anyone or any service.
  2. ASK Netflix – ASK Hulu – ASK AmazonPrime to #SaveTheTick. DO NOT DEMAND! DO NOT HARASS. DO NOT ATTACK.
  3. When you tweet, please make sure you only use 2 hashtags per tweet. 3 or more and twitter will shadowblock you. #SaveTheTick is the MAIN hashtag. Try not to tag more than 2 or 3 people in your tweets if you tag anyone.

Working together we can save the tick!

Also maybe convince them to bring in Chairface Chippendale, like it should’ve been for season 2 😉 (heheh)

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