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Kaiju Egg Hunt Tearing Tokyo Apart!

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Maize Nemec, mad with power, has grown to immense heights, as his frustration with being unable to find Easter Eggs in Tokyo has hit an all time high.

Unbeknownst to him, Japan (or Nihon for short), has banned Egg Hunting ever since the demilitarization of World War 3 during the short US Presidential Reign of King Elisabeth the 9th through the Molten Vortex of Cal-gon Four.

This hasn’t stopped a massive swath of destruction, as the enraged, greenish, hulkish monstrosity (known by local American Indians as “Maize”) from avenging his lust for brightly colored hard-boiled eggs. His goal seems to be an immediate end game to his protein lust.

All is not lost, however, as the Gorilla Whale of ancient legend has appeared, although some question the Mighty Godzilla’s intentions, as he too seems to be looking for something to eat, rather than attempting to stop the Americanization of local Kaiju tradition.

What will befall Tokyo!?

Is Japan Destined for an unhappy Easter?

If the Emperor Ultraman is to be believed, none should worry, as all buildings and people killed shall be fine and going about their regular business in a mere 3 days time.

PS: Don’t forget to check out Corin Nemec’s semi-awesome twitter @imcorinnemec , and Mr President El Catso’s super awesome twitter @CatsoNemec (both of whom have been super awesome supporters of this site – sorry Corin, I entered into a contract with my president, Señor Mr. President El Catso, and I am never allowed to say you are as awesome as he is).

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