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Cancer Update 4-18-19

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HI Everyone!

Mom had a successful second operation, I wanted to hold off posting until she was feeling better, sometimes complications show up 2 days after. She’s doing well.

She begins the year and a half of Chemo and Radiation Therapy soon. We could sure use your support, because even with my part time job it’ll be difficult to make ends meet.

As I said before, if you are unsure about donating for mom’s cancer fight, b/c people have lied about these things (I’m not, I have the doctor’s reports in case anyone wants to see them, but would rather not atm), then consider supporting the site, buying my books, etc…, just because I’m providing you with awesome entertainment 🙂

Updates have been every 2 days, I realize, mostly due to this stuff. However, I am also learning unity and hope to start making some online games soon, maybe that’ll spruce up this site some and bring in the green leafy monies for Mom and everything else!

Take care!

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