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Dear Luci, How powerful is Oprah!

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Dear Luci Wide

Hydroxia Paradox writes:

Dear Luci,

If Oprah is so powerful she gets whatever she wants, and yet she is so powerful she can’t be cancelled, then can she be cancelled if she wants to be cancelled?


Hydroxia Paradox

Dear Hydroxia Paradox,

It depends on whether or not she has the ability to see through lead. If she does, it would require a Zither on Psychotropic Metal to Disengage the Therium Transferrence. Then and only then can the Yellowing Dye of Hawthorn Extract. Once that’s completed, Bing Zang Zoom! You have the Mercury Expanse!

I’m sorry, I seem to have rambled a bit. That had nothing to do with your question. Unfortunately, time is now up, so I can’t answer your question without them paying me over time, and they won’t do that.



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